Serious itunes problem when sorted by date order

  julius44 07:54 13 Nov 2010

Hello and good morning to u all. I have itunes on my windows XP machine which ive been using for over 4 years...i think itunes is the best music player out there, but ive got one problem that i'm hoping that can be sorted out for me here today. I have an extensive music library(like most people)...and my music is sorted by DATE ADDED, i'm accustomed to this way...but here is my problem...when I sort by date added...the track numbers in the all my albums appear out of order....just like here:

click here

I'm sure like myself, there are loads of people that like to listen to an album in the EXACT WAY that is on the CD recorded by the artist. I know i can re-arrange this as a playlist but its a lot of hassle and it wont solve the problem in my actual music library which will still show in the incorrect order. There MUST be a solution out there.....

When I listen to music I most start my listening session with the music I have added most recently. If I have added an entire album recently I want to hear the album in the order the "artist" intended it to be heard. I would think many people would be keen to hear the things they have added most recently. The lack of an option to sort by "Date Added by Track#" is terribly annoying for me.

  julius44 13:15 13 Nov 2010

Hello very strange....still no response from anyone so far...and ive written this post since this morning.....any suggestions/ help for me with this pls??

  bremner 13:34 13 Nov 2010

This has been an issue ever since iTunes was first launched circa 2002 so I wonder why Apple has not offered a fix.

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