Serious Issues with new laptop

  Solva 21:56 26 Jun 2007

Ok have just bought a new D620 Laptop. Have reformatted the drive partitioned it. Windows has booted back up. Now It seems the system wont recognise the ethernet controller or network controller have reinstalled the drivers that come with the system and the downloaded some onto cd and installed. Its saying all the drivers are installed. But in device manager it says both do not have drivers installled. Help any ideas what would cause this

Thanks guys

  woodchip 21:59 26 Jun 2007

If this is VISTA you loaded. Are they VISTA drivers?

  Solva 22:01 26 Jun 2007

No sorry its windows XP Pr SP2. The drivers I installed are on the the utilities disk that came with the system.

Thanks woodchip

  woodchip 22:09 26 Jun 2007

Have you loaded the Motherboard drives as this as all the Drivers? Should be on a CD. If not you need to got the Laptop sit and get them

  Solva 22:12 26 Jun 2007

Woodchip I havent specifically installed the MB drivers. But I presume by running the utility disk it would do this automatically. Is their anyway to ensure all the MB drivers are installed?

  woodchip 22:21 26 Jun 2007

Go into Device Manager, To look for yellow icons. Any you see choose update driver. If you have the driver point it to it. Device Manager, Right Click My Computer\Properties\Hardware\Device Manager

  Solva 22:24 26 Jun 2007

Yes thats the problem I have the yellow icons are

ethernet controller

network controller

but I whenever I try to install them pointing to the drivers on the utility disk it just says unable to install. Cannot find drivers


  woodchip 22:27 26 Jun 2007

Then they must be wrong drivers or they are zipped, Have a look at the disc in Explorer at the Ethernet drives to see if there is a setup file or just the drivers etc. If zipped you need to unzip then run the setup file or load through Device Manager

  Solva 22:31 26 Jun 2007

Well I would have hoped dell would have put the correct drivers on the disk!!! The are zipped but is all an automated process when you run the disk it shows you what drivers it has all you do is select them and it runs and unzips them and then installs them all automatically, I have done this time and time again without encoutering any errors. then as soon as it finishes I get a message from INTELPROSET/WRELESS APAPTER that the drivers didnt install but no error message or code!!!!

  woodchip 22:35 26 Jun 2007

If I was you I would unzip the driver then run Update driver pointing it at the unzipped driver

  woodchip 22:49 26 Jun 2007

It may not be a Dell Problem. It may just be that MS windows as tried loading a Generic driver after you reloaded windows and its reluctant to let go

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