Serious Error, but only whilst gaming!

  geezer13 09:45 25 Aug 2003

For the past month my computer has been suffering from the odd hiccup whilst gaming (mostly CM4 and BHD). Bascally the computer shuts down the game and goes to a blue screen error message which usually says something like "MACHINE_CHECK_EXEPTION" and upon restarting the meesage "The System Has Recovered From A Serious Error" is displayed. This isnt something which happenes every time I play a game but it does happen frequently.

I have sent the error report to microsoft and they suggested that I check for any windows updates. I did and there were 27 critical updates but none of them looked like they were relevant to my problem but I installed them anyway.

The problem was still there so I installed the latest drivers (45.23 I think) and when the problem happened again I freshly installed direct from nvidia but it happened again. The next thing I did was to clear out my hard drive but that hasnt worked either.

Now I am beginning to suspect a hardware fault?

The computer is a AMD 2400, 512mb RAM, G4 Ti4600 Gainward, XP Home.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  pc moron 10:30 25 Aug 2003

This describes the error you're getting click here;en-us;329284

  geezer13 10:33 25 Aug 2003

Page not availible...

  pc moron 10:36 25 Aug 2003

Copy the end part of the link after the click here. Click on click here and then paste the bit you copied onto the end and hit Enter.
It should take to the correct page.

  geezer13 10:40 25 Aug 2003

OK I got it.

How do I see from that which of the symptoms it is? I suspect it could be a fan problem, how can I find out for sure?

  geezer13 14:05 25 Aug 2003


  pc moron 16:03 25 Aug 2003

Do you have the latest updates/patches for your games?

CM4 click here

BHD click here

  geezer13 16:06 25 Aug 2003

Yes I have.

  powerless 16:12 25 Aug 2003

"This behavior occurs because your computer processor detected an unrecoverable hardware error and reported it to Windows XP. To do so, it used the Machine Check Exception (MCE) feature of Pentium processors or the Machine Check Architecture (MCA) feature of some Pentium Pro processors. The error may be a result of any of the following:"

As you are using an AMD based machine...The following would not count.

Have you overclocked anything on your machine?

How many fans do you have?

512MB RAM...if you feel up to it take one RAM stick out. Then you'll know if its a RAM problem. You'll have to do it twice with both RAM sticks ;-)

What motherboard do you have?

  geezer13 08:09 26 Aug 2003

I think I have one case fan and one CPU fan.

I'm not too confident about removing the ram sticks but I can see how that could be the problem. I would rather eliminate all other possibilities before opening the case as I am a bit of a tech n00b!!

I cant remember what motherboard I have, but I think its a Asus A7XP but I will check to make sure.

  geezer13 22:29 22 Sep 2003

Just to let you know I recently solved the problem by hoovering my fans and heatsync out.......... Touch wood, it seems to be ok now!

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