Serious error........

  GZ. 11:47 19 Aug 2004

Over the past few days my computer has been unexpectedly shutting down only whilst gaming.

Basically whilst playing any game it works for a while then it unexpectedly cuts to a blue screen with loads of info on it. It says different things each time but it says MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION more than anything else. It then shuts down the computer. On restart It displays a screen which says "system has recovered from a serious error" I'm not really sure what to do now but I have run a virus check just in case.

Ive got XP, 512Ram ti 4600 graphics etc etc. system is about 2 year old.

Thanks in advance for any help;)

  chugby 11:59 19 Aug 2004

see click here article 329284,
for details on Machine Check Exception Errors, gives possible causes, may help.

  GZ. 12:07 19 Aug 2004

From what it says I think it may be a cooling problem?

  GZ. 14:07 19 Aug 2004

Just finished running memcheck thingy and it passed so I'm going to get the hoover out next i think

  woodchip 14:31 19 Aug 2004

check the CPU fan is doing what it should, cool the CPU. Try the computer with the side of for a short while and try it

  ukiri 15:33 19 Aug 2004

run your machine with the sides off and check all the fans are running,i was getting mad shut downs and found the fan on my Geforce mx440 was sticking.Got a white box replacement from Maplins for £3 odd.

  CurlyWhirly 13:45 20 Aug 2004

You haven't by any chance overclocked your CPU have you?
I had the same error message when I overclocked my AMD Athlon XP 3000+ by changing the multiplier dip switches (on the motherboard) from the default 13 to 13.5

Since putting it back to default settings I have had no more problems!

  GZ. 21:40 20 Aug 2004


No I havet clocked my cpu

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