Serious Crashing problem with new pc

  eziE 20:06 29 Nov 2006

Hello guys, I hope you can help me or ,I am just going to have to ship my computer away to Africa to needy children, I can’t deal with it anymore.

Okay, so I bought a new computer from eBay (big mistake!) and I can’t leave it on over two days without it crashing.

Pentium D 2.66Ghz
1GB ram
NVIDIA Asus EN7300 g card
Elite group p4m890t-m2 mobo

I would leave my pc overnight and the computer would freeze over night, (not running any heavy task/programs) first I thought it was an over heating issue so I bought a new fan but the pc still crashed over night. then I looked at the motherboard manual (about 100times) and it says that a 300w power supply is needed and I only had a 230v one which means the guy I bought the pc off is a crock as his selling incompatible components! So I went out and bought a 400w power supply, installed it last night and the bloody thing still crashes!

Now I might be a stupid 16 year old but I do know what I am doing, I am taking an advanced computer course and when I am installing anything I use an anti static strap. Also I don’t want anyone saying it’s a software issue because since I got the pc I must of installed the operating system about 10 times, I tried, xp pro, xp 64bit and now I am using windows 2000 pro and the pc still crashes!

What can I do? Help will be appreciated.


  morefire 20:17 29 Nov 2006

Have you also tried the swap technique with all the system parts
like trying a different RAM module
or try swappin the processor for another one and see if the same problems occurs, it could also be a motherboard failure

You said its not a software issue so it is obviously a hardware issue, but it could be any of the three hardwares malfuncitoning to cause the problem.

also are you connected to the internet?
if so have you got a firewall up and running and real time anti virus software running?

Because hakkers can attack your computer when left idle overnight, as mentioned in one of the issues of the pc advisor mag. and that could also be causing the pc to crash when left overnight running.

  eziE 20:23 29 Nov 2006


thanks for responce

i know thats the worryring thing. God knows what could be wrong but how am i ment to check i dont have a spare £100 to spend on a new processor.

i use AVG daily updated and a my phisical netgear's firewall that should be enough.

it looks like i am going to have to send it away to get it checked out but i really dont want to do that as it is a new pc it should'nt happen!

any more ideas?

  gudgulf 20:36 29 Nov 2006

It could be a memory problem.

What RAM memory is fitted?........I noticed on the web that your board supports both DDR and DDR-2 memory.What type and speed is the RAM?

Thoughts are that there is a fault with either the fitting,settings or memory module themselves.

Try removing and reseating the memory sticks.

If that doesn't work and you have 2x512MB making up the total try running one stick at once(each in turn)

Whilst you're at it make sure the graphics card is fully seated in its slot, and all connectors to the motherboard/hard drive/optical drives are likewise fully seated.

Is the cpu/memory running at default speed,ie not overclocked in any way?

  skidzy 20:41 29 Nov 2006

First thing i would try is running the Memtest click here

If you do have a floppy drive follow the ISO images suitable for creating a bootable Memtest86 CDROM.

As pointed out above,its a matter of elimination first.Try one stick of ram if two or more are fitted inside your machine.

Though it does sound like a faulty Mobo.

Have you looked for a Bios update ?

  skidzy 20:43 29 Nov 2006

Sorry gudgulf didnt mean to repeat your suggestion,i was away from the machine and forgot to refresh before posting Doh !

  eziE 22:20 29 Nov 2006

Hello, again thanks very much this forum is very helpful!

yes, I am downloading aida32, to find out ram details.

and I also have a feeling its a faulty mobo but just think if it isn’t. I will contact elite group see what they have to say but the bitch is that i cant send it back the crook I bought it off as I voided the warranty by opening the pc to install the graphics card.

Its 1module of ram so I can’t check.

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