Serif PagePlus 10.0, cannot insert text

  Glen 17:40 09 Mar 2012

This was on the disc with Issue 202. I can insert pictures, but can only insert text by copy & paste. I do not have MS Word and only use Open Office, but save all my docs as "MS Word 97-2000". It seems I could use Corel Word perfect/ Lotus word pro/ MS Word. The last option listed is the "Standard Conversion Application!", which I don't seem to have. It is an old version from Serif, but there must be a way to use it, using the Insert function. Any ideas? Glen

  chub_tor 17:51 09 Mar 2012

On most versions of PagePlus you can type text "on the fly" by clicking on the Text Tool in the left hand array of tools, the Text symbol is usually a capital A. Then click anywhere on the page and start typing. Text size and font usually show at the top. You don't have to use Insert for text unless you have previously saved text to insert. The alternative is to click on the WritePlus symbol and enter your text that way.

  Woolwell 19:33 09 Mar 2012

Serif PagePlus 10 is a bit of a blast from the past. I started with version 7 and am now using X6. From memory insert is used to insert the text from a file into a text box. Create your text box and then click insert and navigate to the text file. Paste also works and you can also type directly in the text box. But first thing is to create text box/frame. Serif's help from within the program is usually reasonable.

  chub_tor 09:39 10 Mar 2012

Woolwell I too have been using PagePlus for many years and am now on X6 but as this is a DTP programme you do not have to use text boxes or a text frame to enter text. As long as you click on the capital A to create text first you can then click anywhere on the page and start typing. The box in which the text is formed is created automatically. You can then move it around and deform it as required.

It looks as if I may be wrong about WritePlus, in early editions there was a separate button for it but now it seems that it is only possible to get to it by right clicking on a piece of already written text and then clicking on Edit Story.

Incidentally what do you think of X6? I only received it yesterday but have been using X5 (I started with PagePlus 1 free from a magazine and have bought every edition since). I bought X6 for the epub possibility and I am also hoping that the booklet template might be easier to use.

  Woolwell 10:17 10 Mar 2012

I find that to insert text from a file then it is better to start with a text box. I regularly produce booklets. I tend not to use the templates but use a basic layout. I don't think that X6 is a big change. I've experimented with an ePub but have no great use for it, more important is accurate PDF. I don't like some of the instant 3D effects. I've yet to check how it handles tables which I think is a weakness with PagePlus.

  Woolwell 11:16 10 Mar 2012

The capital A is the artistic text tool. I find this useful for headings or starting logos, etc but not for text boxes positioned on a page. I produce a weekly newsletter and one advantage of X6 is that the guide lines are much better and it is easier to line up text boxes.

  chub_tor 14:39 10 Mar 2012

When you say text box are you referring to a text frame? I also produce booklets, leaflets etc and use text flowing from frame to frame which is particularly useful. Is a text box different? I have been assuming that by text box you mean the box that which is automatically formed as you type text from the artistic A.

  Woolwell 15:07 10 Mar 2012

Sorry I mean text frame (I also use MS products and they call it text box). I too use auto flow but sometimes it can produce undesired effects.

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