User-178362 19:45 10 Aug 2006

Could You please tell me the phone number of Serif?

  johndrew 20:02 10 Aug 2006

0800 376 5448

  johndrew 20:03 10 Aug 2006
  User-178362 20:18 10 Aug 2006

Thank you. I have been offered digital Power Pack2 I like to talk to people about whats on offer to get a better idea of what the package's are all about.Thank you.

  BT 08:31 11 Aug 2006

Beware when phoning Serif, they will do their best to get you to buy a better version of the cheap offer that you have. It could be expensive unless you are adamant about what you want.

  User-178362 22:21 12 Aug 2006

I was going to buy PhotoPlus 10 for £9.99, they offered me Bun-Digital Photography Power 2006 £3.95, Bun Loyalty Value Deal 0.5 which includes PhotoPlus 10 Studio Pack Bundle £19.95. What do you think to this? I rang them again and they offered me something that will transfer my films from video to disk, I had to buy a cable also for it to work, on offer for about £40 because I had placed an order, buying the order above at £19.95, when I said I would think about it. I was told as I didn,t order it then the next time I ring up to order one if I decided to buy it the price would be higher as I had my chance. I would like something that does transfer from video to disk but I think I might be able to buy a combo that does the same thing. What is your opinion on all the above?

  terryf 22:39 12 Aug 2006

As BT says, Serif are, like any selling organisation, mainly interested in sales. IMO you should investigate the products yourself by 'googling' and see what reviews say about them. Their software is often less expensive but you 'gets wot you pays fer'

  BT 08:25 13 Aug 2006

This is exactly what I was getting at. They offer you something and try to con you by saying it will be more expensive next time.

  Simsy 07:50 15 Aug 2006

that to use the word "con" to describe what they do is unfair!

They are salespeople yes, and they can be persistant, and persuasive, but, in my experience, they are polite and friendly, and even open to discussion.

I have a couple of Serif items. It's true that these were purchased as a result of being contacted by them. I got onto their database by registering free software.

However I have only once been contacted by phone, and said I didn't want that happening again, and it hasn't. I do get emails from them; but not a lot, perhaps 1 a week. As a result I have had good deals on more than one occasion. Sometimes they sell software that is not their own, e.g. I bought Omnipage Pro 14 from them about a year ago for about £12 including p&p.

I'd not hesitate to recommend giving them a chance.

All you have to do is be firm and polite and they wont hassle you. That's not hard is it?

I repeat; "Con" is unfair.



  johndrew 12:01 15 Aug 2006

I`ll second that. They need to sell to survive so it`s only reasonable they will try to get you to buy rather than use the free item(s) continuously.

  Forum Editor 17:29 15 Aug 2006

with regard to this company if you don't mind - they are a well-respected software company, and have been in the business a long time.

They don't con anyone, they simply do what any decent business would do, which is to sell their products. Any repetition of the 'con' word, or any reference to it will result in an immediate forum ban - we're not here to libel companies.

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