series of 2sec beeps

  [DELETED] 22:33 18 Oct 2003

I've just switched on a PC I'm putting together and all I get is a series of beeps, no display, no boot up, no nothing, The Hdd is supposed to be clean ready for installing XP. The MoBo is a Gigabyte GA 7DX, one strip of 2100MB DDR, AMD Athlon 1700XP and a Radeon 32MB SDR Graphics card.
The PC starts as soon as power is added to the rear and starts beeping and wont stop till I pull the plug. Any ideas, please. Many Thanks.

  [DELETED] 22:58 18 Oct 2003

I've just checked all connections, moved ram to other dimm and tried again, straight into bios no problem. Sorry to be a pain

  [DELETED] 23:00 18 Oct 2003

are the beeps all the same? is there the same silence between beeps? For example a long beep followed by 3 shorter beeps = video card problem.

  [DELETED] 23:06 18 Oct 2003

It could be memory or graphics related, your motherboard manual should tell you where to look.

Check that both ram and graphic cards are seated correctly, take out and re seat, also check that you have the ram in the right bank, usually 0 or 1.

If this doesn't work, if poss if you can either/have a spare ram or graphics card or can put the ones you have into another computer to check that they are working.

I would start with the ram, and running through the above steps, Double check that this type of ram is suitable for your board, and then do the same with the graphics card.

Also check that there is nothing stopping the CPU fan from turning (cables etc) and that the fan is working. This can give the same beep, but usually the system is up and running.

But, when this happened with the computer I built, it ended up to be a duff mobo, it wouldn't detect any ram that was put into it, even though I tried several different makes.

Hope this helps, and it makes sense.

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