Serial or IDE ?

  s99Raj 10:00 24 Oct 2003

I'm thinking of buying an Asus A7N8X Deluxe motherboard.

To go with it I'm looking at either an ATA133 Maxtor DiamondMax 120 Gb (IDE) or a Serial ATA Maxtor DiamondMax 120 Gb SATA150 Hard Disk Drive.

Does anyone have any opinion as to which is better? The serial one is about £10 more which doesn't bother me. I'm looking for reliability and excellent performance.

serial or parallel (they both have Integrated Drive Electronics) .

Serial is simply the way forward, much faster and now well established .The price has come down and the small difference is worth it for the extra speed. you will benefit from better air circulation inside the case without the fat ribbon cables. Why go backwards?

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