serial number wont work

  Jane doe 10:45 20 Oct 2003

Morning lads. I need a bit of advice please. Another Fujitsu hard drive has gone belly up this morning. Just will not boot up at all. I have purchased a new brown box hard drive and fitted it no problem but I cant get win XP pro to install. Its the same professional version of XP we have used for over a year. It is a corporate version which we use on 10 machines and the number is clearly printed on a white sticker on the case. It just keeps saying serial number invalid please try again, so I do and it dont wanna know. I have the original docs with the number on and Im sure Im entering it correctly. The op system was installed on each computer by the suppliers not me. I've had this before and someone told me how to access the number from the registry on another machine as all the machines are identical and compare the two to see if the numbers are different. When I followed his instructions it worked. Is that guy in here today? Or does anyone else know how to do it please? Thanks. Jane

  jolorna 11:22 20 Oct 2003

if you have had another posting on this subject in the past look through your "my postings" section

  AubreyS 11:25 20 Oct 2003

I have a document that may be of help to you. It has some diagrams on it so I will need to email it to you. Let me know if you want me to do that. A.

  [email protected] 11:26 20 Oct 2003

go to run then type: regedit then follow the path you should find it in there
The other way I use is to download XP Pro installation files from windows catalogue either XP pro or NNtXP pro & install basic from floppy with XP CD in the CDrom
You need 6 floppies after unzipping the download

  leo49 11:26 20 Oct 2003

click here

You can get the Keyviewer from above.

  beeuuem 11:30 20 Oct 2003

You could try Keyfinder from click here Install it on any of your other machines and the key will be found.

  Jane doe 12:04 20 Oct 2003

Thanks all. AubreyS yes please. Will i need to post my email? Leo that worked thanks and the number is the same as on the case and in the docs. But it still wont have it?? Im puzzled, but you have answered my question so thanks. Jane

ps I put the drive in another machine and it shows a win 98 operating system on it???? along with some documents!! On a suposedly brand new brown box, 40gig hard drive? Would this make a difference? Anyway Im formatting it in an xp machine as I speak. Thanks again all. Jane

  AubreyS 12:36 20 Oct 2003

Jane. If you click on the envelope next to my name, you can reply to me that way and I will have your email address. A.

  Jane doe 09:36 23 Oct 2003

OK lads just to keep you informed as you were kind enough to advise me. I tel MS who gave me a new number and it works ok. Why the original number dont work I dont know. Thanks

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