serial mouse @ win98 please

  bof:) 23:24 27 Feb 2005

Hi all, good deed this afternoon turned a bit turtle. Neighbours pc has a 1gb HD that needed replacing...tried a 4gb one but it didnt work...not detected by bios.

I put original HD back in and when win98 came on it said 'no mouse need to turn off pc to attach mouse'

Did that and got the same message. Went back into bios checked mouse was. Checked port was.

Tried other serial mice. All gave same message.

I put win98 cd into cd and trabbed to run, managed to reinstall win 98. Rebooted still got mouse not attached message.

So, Im looking for the drivers for a Microsoft Serial Mouse 2.1 A. FCC No:C3KKSB OR C3KKS8.

Or if anyone has any other thoughts on how I can get this mouse detected would they please let me know.

Many thanks,


  sattman 23:31 27 Feb 2005

My Computer, System Properties, Device manager. Delete the existing mouse driver and reboot.

It will ask for a mouse driver but will offer to work with a generic driver, you will have to provide the required driver when it asks for it.

  bof:) 00:35 28 Feb 2005

Hi sattman,

when I tab across to 'My computer' and press enter, nothing happens. So I cannot get to Device Manager via My computer by just using the tab key alone.

I do not have the driver for the mouse my neighbour has, thats why I gave the details of the mouse above hoping someone would be able to direct me to the driver for it.

Thanks for your help,


  bof:) 00:35 28 Feb 2005


  ACOLYTE 01:11 28 Feb 2005

It may not be the mouse it might be the mouse port thats iffy.But heres a link just in case lol,click here maybe one of these would work.

  bof:) 01:50 28 Feb 2005

Hi ACOLYTE, I can get onto the website in your link, but cannot get to actually download anything from it.

I cannot find anywhere to register on the site, I managed to get as far as this but thats it..

click here


  Storik 09:05 28 Feb 2005

1) Regarding the hard drive. Have you tried putting this hard drive in manually? ie. Don't ask the BIOS to autodetect it. Depending on the age of the computer - and I managed to get a 15GB hard drive to run quite happily on an old Pentium 266MX machine. If this fails, you can always use a program like 'Disk Manager'.

2) Has the computer a USB connector port/header? You could try a USB mouse to check whether the fault lies with the COM port(s). Incidentally have you tried BOTH Com port 1 & 2?

Hope this helps, or at least prompts someone else to come up with an idea.


  ACOLYTE 09:16 28 Feb 2005

Hmm, sorry about that bof:) seems i cant find a download link either pity site looked good,but i found click here dont know if your mouse is on there but might be.Also i found this page click here with a FAQ about the mouse you mention,plus click here for driver for 2 button serial mouse.


  Storik 10:05 28 Feb 2005

When attempting to install the hard drive, you didn't inadvertantly disconnect the Com Port connection? Assuming that this is connection via a thin ribbon cable - are both connected?

I have never found it necessary to install drivers for a serial mouse in order to get it to work. In fact, I believe you can actually connect a serial mouse while the computer is running and it will automatically install.


  bof:) 17:44 28 Feb 2005

Hi ACOLYTE, and Storik, Thanks a lot for all of your time and help.

I've downloaded to my HD the drivers for the 2 button serial mouse.

I also have never had to find drivers for a serial mouse but I also have never noticed that the serial port was connected by a thin wire. I'll have a look at my neighbours PC and make sure any wires I find are well connected.

Many thanks for all of your help so far. I'll let you know how I get on :-)


  Storik 18:58 28 Feb 2005

"I also have never had to find drivers for a serial mouse but I also have never noticed that the serial port was connected by a thin wire. I'll have a look at my neighbours PC and make sure any wires I find are well connected."

This of course is not necessarily so. Depending on the age of the motherboard, your COM ports may well be "built in", but just in case, I thought it was worth mentioning.


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