Serial ATA question

  [DELETED] 11:52 12 Nov 2003

hmmm i have Serial ATA on my Asus A7N8x-deluxe motherboard....and i have 2 40 gig hard drives connected to the IDE channels and 2 DVD/CDRW drives connected also hence all IDE slots taken. I want to add more would it be possible to add a 120gig Sata drive....just one though, to the SATA connection and then use that to hold the operating system...and then the 2 40 gigs become storage space?

  [DELETED] 12:03 12 Nov 2003

Yes,I have a SATA mobo,when I 1st setup this system,I tried putting XP onto SATA only,but it kept crashing after a reboot.I altered the cfg and put my IDE drive back in to carry the OS and had both 120gb SATA hdd's as vast storage.I read in someones post about a small partition on the SATA to carry the OS,did this and have had no bother since.

With the SATA hdd's,occasionally one wasn't recognised on boot,and the SATA cfg screen simply showed 1 hdd(bad connection on other SATA)so what your proposing is easily possible.

  [DELETED] 20:54 12 Nov 2003

so di have to create a partition on my SATA drive to hold the os...and only then will i be able to use the 2 40gigs on IDE channels as storage?

  [DELETED] 21:10 12 Nov 2003

You dont HAVE to create a partition on the SATA to carry the OS,I was just explaining the hassles I have had when installing the OS onto an unpartitioned drive.I created a 10gb partition(using PM installed onto IDE hdd)on the "end" of one SATA hdd's,switched off IDE channels in BIOS,installed XP onto this partition,added all my usual apps,d/l updates,expecting a return of previous errors but nothing untoward has occured for several weeks(previously,it produced errors hal.dll missing/corrupt,ntloader missing/corrupt,config.sys missing/corrupt,etc)within 24 hours of install.I would recommend you also install your OS onto SATA partition,to reduce the possibility of encountering similar probs to mine.

  [DELETED] 21:26 12 Nov 2003

oooh right ok that cleared things up...cos PM doesnt exactly like me. is there any actual difference between the 120gig SATA drives that are out right now? because i had my eye on the Maxtor Diamond MAx 9...similar to the IDE version byut SATA of course

  [DELETED] 22:06 12 Nov 2003

I have 2x Maxtor Diamonds 120gb,I was advised to wait until later versions appear as the connectors and access times are still being improved on,by the chap I bought the SATA mobo from :-)

The new RAPTOR hdd is supposed to be the fastest of the latest releases,but it didn't beat the other 2 contenders by a large margin,and according to various benchtests SATA isn't all that much faster than IDE.I got this lot(2xSATA/mobo/DDR RAM/21" mon/DVD-RW/faster CD-RW)as I had purchased a digi-camcorder,and wanted to try video editting.I used to prefer my "older" system running 98se,only FAT32 + .AVI = major hassles(AVI files are large,DVD files are also huge,turning one into the other on a "slower" puter would take ages)I get lost in Linux(still haven't sussed out how to get linux onto SATA)I just got abit carried away with the idea of SATA "speeds" :-) and vid

  [DELETED] 22:13 12 Nov 2003

lol hehe sounds like loads of fun!
hmm im not really looking for speed in my SATA...if its good, works well, no interrupts the im cool with it. its jsut that i dont want to...or cant be bothered to fork out on an those extra IDE channel things that you plug into PCI slots...and i dont want to make one HDD redundent

  [DELETED] 23:12 12 Nov 2003

The words "cool" and SATA dont fit in the same sentence.[chuckle]My SATA hdd's have increased the hardware temperatures in the system so much I have fitted the sys out with 9 fans to cool it down.If the sys is just sitting "switched on" the SATA hdd's are at 50C,if I copy an AVI file from one hdd to the other,the temps often used to hit 70C,even with all the fans it still can hit 60C.When you have 2 six inch-ish radiators plus the heat from cpu I can quite often turn off the central

  [DELETED] 23:16 12 Nov 2003

hehe wow i never knew they genereated SO much heat. i have 5 case fans fitted already at 80mm each, will they do the trick? but i have to bear in mind that 3 of them...well they are just for show, you know UV stuff and lights =P do you know how much the CPU will go up by?

  [DELETED] 09:42 13 Nov 2003

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