Serial ATA hard-disk

  mattyc_92 14:58 04 Jan 2005

Hi, I got a Seagate SATA hard-disk about 2 weeks before Christmas....

When I want to install windows I have to use the bootable cd that came with the drive to format it, so that windows will install... If I dont do this, I am able to delete the drive, but can't get to the format stage, so that windows will install... Instead I get a message saying the the partition is not a windows partition and if I delete the drive all will be well.... Why is this???? Don't Windows installation reconise SATA drives or something???

Please can some-one let me know why this happens!!!!

Thanks in advance

  Peter-280248 16:10 04 Jan 2005

Not quite clear what your problem is but have you enabled Serial ATA in the BIOS and also enabled RAID? The latter is essential even if you have only one SATA disk otherwise windows wil not 'see 'it even though it may appear on the boot up screen.
I had problems with a 200GB SATA disk until above procedure was carried out.This disk is used for video editing etc and was set up as one partition thru the Seagate install procedure.
Hope this contributes to solving the problem.

  Maverick81 16:19 04 Jan 2005

To install windows on a clean SATA disk, you need the dos drivers for your SATA controller, Windows setup doesnt support SATA and therefore will not see the drive without additional drivers, during setup it will prompt you to press f6 to load and disk controller drivers you need, press f6 and insert the floppy disk containing the drivers and hey presto.

You dont need to enable RAID with SATA to enable windows to see it.

Hope this helps

Cheers, Mav

  mattyc_92 17:24 04 Jan 2005

Pleck I have got a "SATA PCI Card controller", so the BOIS doesn't have options for this....

Maverick81 yes have have to do that so I can actually get the windows installation to see the drive... It just refuses to install windows, because it isn't a windows compatiable drive... But if I use the disk that came with the drive and set it up with it, windows will install, provided I don't delete the drive or attempt to format it!!!

It isn't causing me too much problems, but it is anoying that I have to format the drive with another disk and set it up so that windows will install!!!

  mattyc_92 11:11 14 Jan 2005

I have discovered that it is to do my my IDE drive!!
When I remove it, I can install xp and then I can just re-conect it

Problem solved!!!

Thanks for you time

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