Serial ATA

  jerryj 21:43 16 Jul 2003

I have just bought a new abit kd7s motherboard. I bought because I wanted the raid system. But it is not like my old raid system with IDE3 & IDE4 on it, this has serial raid. Can anyone enlighten me into how to plug it up. I am new to computing and dont want to blow it but. With the motherboard I receivied 1 Serial ATA cable, do I need 2, or do I need a serillel converter for my hard drives which are Maxtor 7200.

  goonerbill 22:01 16 Jul 2003

haven't done much reading on the subject yet but ya present hard drives will not connect to a SATA cable as the connections are different.

  madPentium 22:19 16 Jul 2003

I think basically motherboards are ahead of hard drives at the moment. I dont think any sata drives are available with through ports meaning one drive per connection only. The access speeds using this technology are astounding though.

  Steven135 22:41 16 Jul 2003

I think SATA is backwards compatable so far as connecting your HD I have 2 Maxtor Hdds on Sata and I could connect them via IDE as well.

You need 1 cabel per drive look at the MB manual re SATA drivers on mine they had to be loaded via a floppy during XP setup by pressing F3 at the relevant point.

  Steven135 22:42 16 Jul 2003

mmmmm cabel = cable

  polar_king 06:59 17 Jul 2003

firstly, there are four versions of the kd7-s,
you have the one with sata, so you should have had 2 serial ata cables, thin red ones. they will only fit serial ata drives, which at the moment are small (40 gig) and expensive
these can bet set up as raid.

secondly, what it seems you should have bought was the kd7-sR, ('r' for raid) which would have given you 4 ide channels, giving the option of raid O or 1
go here for more info
click here

SATA drives are available from 80Gb to 250GB and are not a great deal more than normal drives (+£10 - £20)click here. However, that is not what jerry555 is after, he wants to use his existing drives (IDE) and so yes, a couple of convertors will ensure that the drives can be mounted on the SATA channel. However, these convertors are expensive (About £30) and I am not sure if the is any loss of spped in using them (I certainly doubt you would get SATA performance from a "standard" IDE drive.

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