Sercurity Certificates !!!

  littlestar 16:22 01 Jan 2010

Hi Guy's, Connected to my Virgin broadband is my PC via ethernet and i've got a wireless connected laptop, The PC works fine but the Laptop is having many problems connecting to websites ie: Cannot log into Amazon a/c because my cookies are not enables even though my cookies are fine so to speak.... Whenever i log into Hotmail a Security Certificate Error pops up..... I cannot open Messenger because of a Firewall problem....

I have got Norton's 2009 on both PC's, Maybe am wrong but am kinda thinking the problem could be with Virgins Router ( D-Link DIR-615 )..Using XP...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  VoG II 16:51 01 Jan 2010
  littlestar 18:16 01 Jan 2010

Thanks VoG, Amazing, My Clock was out of date and that is what has caused all my problems, Now everything is working fine, No idea how the date changed but anyway, Everythings great now..


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