Sequence of photos in folder

  Yimbo 00:00 16 Feb 2010

I want to re-arrange the sequence of photos in a "My Pictures" folder so that, without having to number or re-name them, they will remain in that order each time the folder is opened. How would I achieve this please? I'm using XP home. Thanks for any help folks!

  Sea Urchin 00:21 16 Feb 2010

In My Pictures try going to View - select Arrange Icons By and uncheck Auto Arrange. Then again to View/Arrange icons by and select Align to Grid. Then you should be able to move them to wherever you want and they should remain. Make sure nothing else on that menu is ticked.

  Yimbo 00:26 16 Feb 2010

Just done what you said - - and it's done the trick! Thanks Sea Urchin!

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