Sepia photos

  4wildlife 18:25 25 May 2010

I am using windows 7 and need to change some digital pictures of vintage cars that l have taken into sepia, but they seem to be too orange. l have a laptop that uses vista but they are too peach, and an old XP that l can't find sepia on it, does anyone have any solutions for a good sepia?
Many Thanks

  MAT ALAN 18:59 25 May 2010

click here

this may help...

  MAT ALAN 18:59 25 May 2010

click here

this may help...

  4wildlife 19:45 25 May 2010

Thank you for your help, much appreciated.

  hssutton 22:31 25 May 2010

picasa can do this for you, just takes a couple of mouse clicks click here

You say that your efforts so far produces images that are to orange or too peach looking, so maybe you need to calibrate your monitors. Download click here.

I would normally do this type of thing in photoshop as it's possible to control intensity of the sepia result, but here is one I have just done in Picasa. If this shows on your monitor as any other colour other than sepia your monitor definitely require calibrating.

click here

  hssutton 22:44 25 May 2010

Sorry, the last link does not work, hopefully this one will click here

  4wildlife 06:19 26 May 2010

Thanks l will try this.

  BT 07:50 26 May 2010

In Photoshop or Elements

Set Hue to 32 and adjust saturation to your liking

click here.

Paint.Net has a good Sepia setting under the Adjustments tab

  ^wave^ 10:45 26 May 2010

i would say picasa is probably the easist to use is good so is the gimp the later 2 are a bit more techy to use

  Pineman100 17:23 27 May 2010

Thanks for that Photoshop trick. Much quicker and easier than my method!

  Muergo 01:33 28 May 2010

I agree totally with BT, as a photonut/holic, I have tried all of the programs you mentioned and many more.
Adobe is certainly just the best, but Canon programs that come with camera,printer or scanner are excellent as well.

Don't forget the type and quality of paper and ink make a lot of difference. As you may know there are a myriad of colours BLACK dependent on origin, plant or mineral etc.
A long time ago I was in Industrial paints, colour matching blacks and browns is more difficult than anything else.

Go and have a look on Wikepedia, there is a fascinating history from 1888 about how the colour was first extracted from the cuttlefish (Latin sepia) ink sac and the many ways to achieve it, wet photography used silver sulfide (sic), you can see it as the tarnish on your silverware, I assume you were born with a spoon!

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