Sepia to B&W if possible

  EFC1878 12:37 29 Apr 2007

Sorry for duplicate post but got wrong title....

I have just been away for a few days abnd taken a number of photos on my mobile. Unfortunately I failed to realise that the setting had been set to sepia. Whilst the photos are great quality at 2MB and sepia looks good I would like to try and change them to colour.
I know it is possible to change from colour to B&W but I don't know if you can go from sepia to colour.

I have adobe phtoshop and microsft picture editor but am no experet.

Any help would be appreciated.

Excuse the spelling still h8ungover from the stag do!

  Stuartli 12:53 29 Apr 2007

Your heading is still incorrect...:-)

You can't convert sepia files to colour (as far as I'm aware) because the data information required is not there.

You could try photo editing software that allows you to change colours i.e. add the missing colour. See:

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  Stuartli 12:55 29 Apr 2007

I would suggest converting the sepia images to black and white and then attempting to colour them.

It's similar to the old days of adding colour to black and white pictures using a paint brush and special photographic paints.

  EFC1878 14:30 29 Apr 2007

You are right my heading is still wrong, must have had an even better time than I thoguht!

Thanks for the advice

  anchor 15:19 29 Apr 2007

Yes, It can be done from a B/W picture, but be prepared for a LOT of work.

I converted this photo of my Grandfather, taken in the 1st World War, using Paint Shop pro.

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  pj123 16:28 29 Apr 2007

anchor, that is fantastic. If only I could do that!

  Ho-Lin-Sok 17:00 29 Apr 2007

Give it a go,it takes time and a bit of experimentation but the results can be very good.
I am no expert and I only use Photodeluxe3.
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  Pineman100 18:14 29 Apr 2007

Your phone has almost certainly embedded a colour profile in the images that only has enough information for the sepia tone - that means that the full RGB information just isn't there for you to bring out.

As Anchor and Ho-Lin-Sok have demonstrated it is possible to colourise a picture, but it is great deal of work.

  anchor 14:11 02 May 2007

Your original question concerned changing sepia to full colour.

Have a look at this; the original was so faded it was sort of sepia-ish. I worked on it and was pleased with the result.

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  Ho-Lin-Sok 22:43 02 May 2007

I have hundreds of sepia "retro" postcard type images from 1890-1930, I like to colour suitable ones but most are scantily clad. Here is an example of a dressed subject.
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  De Marcus™ 22:56 02 May 2007

Photo colour restoration isn't easy and few are successful, they almost always look washed out because the artist hasn't been adventurous/skilled enough.

In other words, don't attempt a colourisation unless you’re experienced/trained in that field or quite simply have the talent or money to pay for a professional rendition.

In most cases sepia/B+W will almost always look better that way as opposed to colour. My opinion anyway, (not a justification for the inept or argumentative).

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