separating emails with semi colon

  belayer 14:05 19 Dec 2012

I have a list of email addresses I want to use. At the moment I have them as a text and as a list in Excel.

I would like to have them as a Word Doc list with a semi colon and space between each one so I can just Copy and Paste the list into an email.

Is there an easy way to do it?

  belayer 14:18 19 Dec 2012

Its a list of a few hundred, I already have them in a list but I can't use it for emailing because it has to have each address searated by a semi-colon and a space first.

I just thought there must be a command that will do it for me.

  belayer 14:37 19 Dec 2012

Let me start again.

I have a list of association members in Excel with their names and addresses and other details. I want to extract the column of email addresses to use it in Outlook and convert them into a format that Outlook accepts (a semi colon and space between each name) and save it in a text/doc format so I can copy and paste it into the email box to send news items to members.

My ISP is perfectly happy that I do this and will deliver them.

  lotvic 14:49 19 Dec 2012

Copy your text file to a Word document.

In Word on the Edit menu you have 'Find and Replace' that should do the trick if your text file has used commas to separate each address replace the comma with ; (type a ; and then a space) then click on Replace All.

If it is a list with each email addy on a new line then in 'Find and Replace' click on Special and choose 'Paragraph Mark' and replace with your ; (type a ; and then a space) then click on Replace All.

  lotvic 15:01 19 Dec 2012

Tip: when you do send the emails, use your name in the To: line (or Insert "Undisclosed Recipients" in the To: field, followed by your email address in "<,>" braces) and paste the List of names into the BCC: line. (Blind Carbon Copy) Here's the instructions

If you don't then each one of the recipients will receive the long list of everyones email address. It will only take one pc to be infected and the whole lot will be harvested by the Spammers.

  belayer 15:10 19 Dec 2012

Thanks for that, its pretty much what I needed.


  Ian in Northampton 15:13 19 Dec 2012

I do this all the time. Copy the column of email addresses into a Word document. Click in the column, then go to 'Table in Excel. Click on 'convert', then 'table to text' (this is all Office 2003 - it may be different in other versions, but the principle probably still applies). Now, you'll be given a choice of how you want he field separated. In theory, you ought to be able to choose 'other' and use a semi-colon. I've never been able to get this to work, so I leave it as the default - paragraph mark. Then, when it's done, I use Word's search/replace to replace paragraph marks with semicolons. It sounds laborious, but it's actually very quick - and a whole lot quicker than the alternatives..

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