separate numbers from text in excel

  dunc1234 19:41 16 Dec 2005

i need help with the following, i have customers with numberand text references in one cell in excel where i need to remove the text and just leave the numbers.

For example "smith123" to "123". however the numbers to names are random eg 123smith, j123smith, smith123j. using the trim option is not viable.

i have also tried a macro of using "find and replace" to remove each letter of the alphabet which had limited success, but seemed to make errors.(due to checking a few thousand cells?).

i really need a way of checking each cell for text/letters and deleting them if found or alternatively looking for numbers in a cell and copying them to the adjacent cell.

Or, on version 2000, is there a free plugin to do this?

Help on this greatly appreciated

  csqwared 20:04 16 Dec 2005

Go to click here - a free download. Install it, go to Text/Delete All Text In Selection - seems to do what you want.


  VoG II 20:17 16 Dec 2005

Or ASAPUtilities click here Text > Delete all text characters in selection.

It does a lot more besides.

  dunc1234 20:43 16 Dec 2005

superb, it does exactly what i needed and more and i can't thank you enough for the link or the speed of your response - under an hour.
for others that may read this the program linked here has hundreds of add-on help for excel, install it and then go into program files to add it in to excel. you may need to do in excel Tools/macros/security and reduce it to medium to allow the prog to run.

many many thanks for your help.

  VoG II 20:46 16 Dec 2005

Apologies - just realised I posted exactly the same as you - I must have misread your post and didn't check what your 'click here' was.

  csqwared 21:49 16 Dec 2005

's O.K. Couldn't understand at the time what was keeping you, you're usually much quicker with your responses!! :o))

  Monoux 21:55 16 Dec 2005


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