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  Puzzle-IT 13:08 16 Nov 2009

How do i REALY get my website up in the rankings for google searches? I know a little about SEO but the changes ive made havent seem to do a lot. Any suggestions? Also how good is pay-per-click from google?

  Puzzle-IT 13:59 16 Nov 2009

Thanks for your prompt reply. Can you take a look at my website and make any recommendations etc. click here

  Puzzle-IT 19:46 16 Nov 2009

Thanks for all your advice. Much appreciated.

  Ansolan 23:31 16 Nov 2009


As mentioned above, you do need to have significant reasons for planting triple h1 and h2 tags on a page. A lengthy wiki article and you might have that justification but not for your site.

It's not that Google (can't speak for the others) take much notice of header tags any more, simply that along with other aspects of your site, they are a spam signal. Take the home page title:

<title>Puzzle IT Solutions - Computer Repair, Computer Support, IT Careers, IT Jobs, Computer Support Careers, Computer Support Jobs</title>

Along with the town list in the description, which is ignored from an indexing perspective anyway but if you want the tag used, this and the title need to clearly and concisely reflect the content and core focus of the page, as for all pages.

Nothing that terrible wrong which can't be put right easily, just signs of a misunderstanding. With no disrespect perhaps reflected in your own statement "I know a little about SEO"

Most of what is known about "SEO" is myth and fantasy. The statement above:

"A well laid out website taking careful account of Google's guidance will get you the best reaction from the search engines but, more importantly, it will get you a site people find useful and will refer their friends to."

is of more value than might at first appear the case, because this truly applies to modern search engines as much as website users.

They have a very simple business model, get users. A relatively small percentage of which will click on ads and make them rich. To get and keep those users, they try to build algorithms that can understand content in the way users would. Matching that need is your real task. Of course you need a well built, easily crawled website but above all, you need to steadily and consistently fill that with unique, valuable content.

If that content is so good, it attracts voluntary, inbound links from other related sites, so much the better. At present, your inbound links are essentially self created, forum sigs, directories, no follow profiles, little of real use.

One technical point that would be worth sorting out is canonicalisation issues. This will explain the situation to avoid me filling the forum:

click here

You already have your home page duplicate indexed in one data centre - the root / and index.php. That may go away as Google get a grip of the site but may not. Same for the www non www situation, not worth leaving to chance, when taking care of both with 301 redirects is a five minute task. Your site is on an apache server, just use a .htaccess file. Plenty of examples online, or post back if you get stuck.

Above all though, we're back to content. Incidentally, I'm not struck by your tabbed format either, for customers or search but that's up to you. Just build the site out to help the world with it's IT problems and you should be fine. A simple enough task:)

  berty7386 03:38 09 Dec 2009

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