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SEO advice for business website

  jamjam23 15:51 01 Jan 2016


I am looking to add some SEO to my business website to help improve the website ranking in search engines.

If I was to take out two paid SEO would this have a negative affect on my website?

The reason I am looking to do two is they are both cheap but offer slightly different options with each package. I have paid a company in the past to do this for me and cost me an absolute fortune!

The main thing I am worried about is that both providers will no doubt post my site on similar search engines and sites and that this will end up hurting my site rather than helping.

Am I correct in this thinking or will it be ok to do?



  LastChip 16:28 01 Jan 2016

Generally, paid SEO is a waste of space. The reason why good SEO is so expensive, is it's extremely time consuming to do it well and even then, no one can guarantee results. Anyone that says they can guarantee you a front page placing on Google is lying. Run a mile from them.

If they're cheap, the chances are it's money down the drain.

If you think SEO is going to get results, think again. It's only one small part of a much bigger overall business presence and strategy to build a brand.

If you're not on Social Media, do it now! Driving people to your site is essential and Facebook, Twitter et al can be huge in that respect.

You've as much chance of doing SEO yourself, as paying someone to do it for you. There's plenty of information on what search engines are looking for, including from Google themselves.

Concentrate on having good copy and specifically, the content being relevant to your own business. The day's of just listing a load of keywords are long gone. The algorithms used are too sophisticated to fall for that.

  jamjam23 19:44 01 Jan 2016

Thanks for the advice.

I did pay a company for SEO and it WAS indeed very expensive, although it did also deliver some pretty good results and I was on the first page of google under several key words. Since this SEO was stopped there has been a big down turn in work in a specific area of my business and it is this down turn that has got me considering trying SEO again.

I totally agree with what you are saying regards the content quality and making sure it has everything Google is looking for in the website, I have to admit it has been neglected a little recently as work has been busy.

The SEO set ups I have found are both cheap enough to run for say 6-8 months to see if they have any significant affect but I am just concerned that running two may have a detrimental affect on my site from the word go. If this was the case then even just testing them for a few months wouldn't really prove anything would it.

  LastChip 20:08 01 Jan 2016

The problem is, if you run two, if there is any improvement, how are you going to determine which made the difference?

Personally, I know first hand how time consuming it is to do a good job and few people are prepared to pay for it - except the largest of organisations.

Personally, I remain very sceptical at cheap offerings, particularly as many of them resort to black-hat techniques, which are ultimately likely to get your site de-rated eventually.

  Bailifei 08:05 08 Jan 2016

Best hire SEOers as your own employees to do it with long-term effort if your business largely depends on SEO. In this way, you will be aware of all the data and issues. This is better than just leaning on a SEO company.

  mortich 22:01 11 Feb 2016

Apart from SEO-oriented plugins like Yoast or All-in-One, are there some settings in my WordPress based website that I have to change to optimize it better for search engines? I'm using the portfolio-like Samuray theme from click here for my online electronics store, with a powerful admin panel, several gallery scripts and the latest version of Bootstrap already implemented. I know that Google’s algorithms are looking for clean URLs and user-friendly content above all other criteria which includes quality blog posts, etc., and I am currently working on both. Aside from that, what’s the most SEO friendly permalink structure in WordPress?

  Lee Palmer 07:02 27 May 2016

Had exactly the same question as I just build a website, too ( using special templates ). I was advised to do SEO by myself, at least during first months since I created a site. Then spend money on advertising , not SEO specialists who actually don't give any guarantees.

  Govan1x 08:18 27 May 2016

Post is almost 5 months old so no doubt he found what he was looking for a long time ago, No use adding to old posts.

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