sent box on outlook is gone

  P_Ghost5 12:42 15 Jan 2004

Hey all
Need some help, got a lady that does not have a "sent" box in her email. she is using outlook.
Also when sending an email norton gives an error and says she must go back to her "sent" box and send the email again.
Some advice would be great as i don't have her machine with me

  Big Elf 12:50 15 Jan 2004

Tools, Customise, Commands tab, Tools Category. Drag it to the menu bar.

  ©®@$? 12:52 15 Jan 2004

Tools/Options/Send page where
you can put a check mark in the box "Save Copy of Sent messages?"

  Big Elf 12:56 15 Jan 2004

Sorry, misread it.

  P_Ghost5 13:03 15 Jan 2004

Thanx for the reply
i know that route works for outlook express but does it also work for ms outlook???

  Big Elf 13:10 15 Jan 2004

What I posted was for Outlook (2000) but I don't think it answered the question.

  P_Ghost5 13:16 15 Jan 2004

Hmm i don't know and i can't really test it either. really strange though sent items box just vanishing heh

  P_Ghost5 13:32 15 Jan 2004

Hey this sounds very stupid
Spoke to the women and it turns out that she did not have her "folders list" ticked (under view). Done that and there it is. Thanx everyone

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