sensor error ?

  chippy+ 20:37 21 Dec 2005

hi can anybody helpI have 2 pc's one with a asrock motherboard one with a gigabyte motherboard I have checked both sensors with everest and sisandra the asrock sensor shows cpu and motherboard temps and the gigabyte shows cpu motherboard and aux ? the aux temp shows 69C
what is aux it shows with both diagnostics only on the gigabyte thanks chippy

  Belatucadrus 21:11 21 Dec 2005

Unfortunately Everest help isn't that illuminating

"18. What does the "Aux" temperature shown on the Computer / Sensor page mean?

There is no standard for sensor registers layout, so the "Aux" temperature could show the temperature of the CPU or the motherboard, or might be a non-connected wire of the sensor chip, and so it could show a bogus value. "

I looked on my Gigabyte board PC and it shows up on that one to, so it would appear to be a feature of the board/brand rather than a non connected wire. I then checked out the mobo manual and it doesn't give any hint either, so you may need to contact Gigabyte themselves to see what sensor is involved.

  Totally-braindead 21:15 21 Dec 2005

I'm not too keen on using third party software for checking temps on motherboards, the only 100% reliable thing is to use the BIOS. Gigabyte I think have there own diagnostic program which you could try, if I can find it I'll post back with a link to it.

  Terry Brown 14:29 24 May 2006

Hi, I had a temperature problem, and 'dug out' a program GWUM from gigabyte (on a CD), if you still need a sensor checker, email me (yellow envelope) and I will send you a copy (approx size 1.2mb).

  Totally-braindead 15:27 24 May 2006

You must have had to really look for this thread its over 6 months old.

  Terry Brown 16:47 24 May 2006

I had a problem with my computer freezing, although everything seemed OK when running sensor checks in BIOS, but not in windows, a search for sensors on this excellent site reminded me that I had an old Gigabyte CD from a previous motherboard, so I dug it out, and although this is an ASUS board, it works.

It shows my motherboard creeping up to 85 degrees under load before freezing. Up to Maplins to get a new Fan over weekend.

If I can help somene else in the same situation, why not ?.

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