Sennheiser FM Headphones Story You Can't Make Up.

  Big L 266 12:10 24 Jun 2010


I was testing out my Sennheiser HDR130 FM headphones prior to turning on my router and computer this morning. I switched them on and pressed 'tune' and got my customary 'pips' before it somehow tuned itself into something that you simply couldn't make up.

Bearing in mind that neither the router nor computer were on, it started to pick up a quality FM signal in respect of an 'adult entertainment' soundtrack. In the background there were workmen clearly repairing things and it was all very surrelistic. Such was the quality,it sounded quite 'local' to me.I don't have any DAB signal or TV tuner linked to my computer either.

When I did eventually turn on the router and the computer to warm up, I turned the headset off and returned it to its cradle. Once online,I turned on my headset again and retuned as before and the 'adult entertainment' had been replaced by BBC News usually found on Channel 80 on the TV.

Given the D-Link DSL2740R is a combination cable/wireless router and my computer is only linked by a Patch 6 cable, and given my FM headset has quite a range for listening to my music, radio and TV in peace and quiet, has anyone posibly "piggybacked" an inbound/outbound signal off my router the results of which I hear on the headset? The last thing I ever expected to hear was an adult entertainment soundtrack.

Its quite disturbed me in two ways and wonder if you have an explanation of this event that I can make sense of please?I have no bugs and a quick security sweeps have shown nothing.

If it wasn't so serious it would be funny,but its not.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Big L 266

  Woolwell 12:23 24 Jun 2010

The most likely explanation is that someone nearby is transmitting their own listening to a set of headphones using the same frequencies that your head set uses and your head set is picking these up.

Churches used to get interference from taxis on their radio mic systems.

  morddwyd 19:22 24 Jun 2010

As Woolwell says, it's simply somebody else using a similar transmitter nearby.

It's one of the drawbacks with the HDR 130 Sennheisers, and similar in the same range - you can't lock to a particular channel.

When first switching on I frequently have to retune a couple of times to get the transmitter I want.

  rawprawn 20:24 24 Jun 2010

Years ago our company had a switchboard and a tannoy system. It used to pick up and transmit over the tannoy Police conversations. The staff found it quite amusing and occasionally very interesting.
It didn't happen all the time, I think it was down to weather conditions.

  Big L 266 08:12 25 Jun 2010


At least its not something my computer has picked up by accident thankfully. I can see what you mean though about someone else with a similar head set.

I'll only switch them on when the computer is running from now on. That way the output will await my commands for a broadcast rather than finding one at random.

Thank you for your explanations.

I'll close the thread then.

Big L 266

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