Sending/Receiving emails using another ISP

  douglas1973 11:45 11 Nov 2008

I have found it very difficult to find an appropriate title to the problem I am raising.
My daughter, who runs a small business from "home" has just moved to a new abode where the owner uses AOL Broadband. Her provider is One-Tel and she has the permission of the owner to use his broadband installation but wants to do so utilising her One-Tel email address. Unfortunately she is only able to receive emails this way (she uses Incredimail), not send emails. She has spent hours and hours on the phone to AOL and got nowhere. Can anybody suggest what settings are required to both send and receive emails in the way expalined above?

  MAJ 12:03 11 Nov 2008

Use AOL's SMTP server settings in Incredimail's options for sending the email. That should allow her to send emails via AOL's connection. If they allow it. Else she could send her emails via One-Tel's web interface on their website, if they have a webmail option.

  Stuartli 12:28 11 Nov 2008

She should ask the AOL broadband owner if he is willing to create another AOL e-mail address similar to his own, but clearly belonging to her.

That will enable her to send and receive e-mails using AOL - using her own folder for received e-mails would also keep the two addresses apart.

  douglas1973 13:55 11 Nov 2008

Thanks Maj. Your first suggestion does not work. Yes, she could could use One-Tel's website to send emails (she is doing this for the time being) but with running a business it is very inconvenient.
Thank you too, Stuartli. My daughter wants to keep her email address. Changing it will give her a lot of problems.

  scotty 14:22 11 Nov 2008

I don't think there is a problem with doing this. It just requires the correct POP & SMTP server settings to be set.

I send and receive emails from many emails addresses associated with four different ISPs using Outlook Express (or Windows Mail).

  T0SH 14:41 11 Nov 2008

Most if not all responsible service providers will not allow sending of email through their mail servers using another service providers email as the return address (as in your case AOL servers sending mail shown as coming from One-Tel)

If they did this it would leave them open to being accused of being an "open relay" and thereby playing host to spammers big time

Cheers HC

  anchor 14:43 11 Nov 2008

In Outlook, or Outlook Express, set the SMTP outgoing server to the AOL one; (the owner will know this).

The OneTel pop3 incoming server details will remain unchanged.

That should work.

  ened 15:44 11 Nov 2008

"Most if not all responsible service providers will not allow sending of email through their mail servers using another service providers email as the return address "

This is innteresting because I thought this to be the case.

We have just moved house and are using an Orange connection whilst waiting for AOL to take up the line.

I told my wife we would have to go on line to in order to send emails.

I was wrong - I can send and receive mail using Windows Mail (From my desktop).

  Stuartli 16:23 11 Nov 2008

If you have several e-mail addresses you can receive them via your ISP as you wish by configuring Accounts i.e. Collect Mail Using This ISP or LAN in Connections.

However, if you receive an e-mail that is from a different ISP you normally, when Replying or Forwarding, have to use the drop down menu on the From message field to switch to your present e-mail address (i.e. that linked to your ISP).

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