Sending Texts via Landline using a Computer

  climb45 10:06 11 Feb 2011

Is there software that would allow me to compose a text on the computer then send it using my landline? My computer is connected to my landline via a Conexant SmartHSFi V92 56K Speakerphone PCI Modem.

  climb45 11:03 11 Feb 2011

I have free texts included in my landline package but don't have an SMS capable phone. Upgrading my phone would obviously be an option, but I am interested to know whether I could make use of my computer, rather than replacing a handset which is fine apart from the lack of SMS ability.

  GaT7 11:43 11 Feb 2011

Who are you with on your landline package? They may have a facility to send texts via their website. BT used to have such a facility called Web2SMS in the past.

Or, like MaverickAus suggests, use one of the many free text websites click here. G

  climb45 12:03 11 Feb 2011

I am with BT and have just searched on Web2SMS within the BT website. The result that comes up leads to a broken link, so maybe they have discontinued this service. I will ask BT directly. Thanks for the tip.

  GaT7 12:26 11 Feb 2011

Yes, Web2SMS has been discontinued - that's why I said 'used to have'. G

  robin_x 13:31 11 Feb 2011

This one worked, last I looked.

It is free, but they make their money by replies and possibly foreign texts.

The text gives their sign off details. So put yours in your message.

click here

  BRYNIT 13:48 11 Feb 2011

If you have Windows 7 you could use Windows fax and scan allready installed click here

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