sending photos better than email

  johnincrete 08:54 14 Dec 2011

I've just spent ages sending photos by GMail. Its 10Mb limit meant that each photo had to be sent in its own email. Watching paint dry is surely more entertaining than watch GMail oad the photo! I had a look at the Flikr (spelling?) site but it looks as if you have to sign up to Yahoo even to see what the site does! Its blurb suggests the photos are visible to anyone and I dont want that - just the receiver to see them and maybe to print them. Is there a better way to send them and retain privacy?

  muddypaws 09:04 14 Dec 2011

Why don't you use Picasa 3 and upload to Picasa web albums. You get 20 gig free space and then share albums by sending links. Had it for years and well thought of on this forum. Picasa

  hastelloy 09:13 14 Dec 2011

I recently sent 12 photos on 1 email. I had reduced the size to 15 by 10 cm and the resolution to 72 pixels per inch. Each photo was 364.5 K. Of course, this would not be acceptable if the recipient needs to make good quality large prints.

  robin_x 10:28 14 Dec 2011

Dropbox (Total 2GB) and Windows Live Skydrive (25GB. 100MB per file limit) also available as general purpose file sites.

  onthelimit1 11:26 14 Dec 2011

I second Picasa. If you don't mind low res pics, you can email them directly from the Picasa home page.

  iscanut 11:27 14 Dec 2011

I agree with muddypaws, Picassa web albums work very well for me and I can recommend that method.

  wee eddie 12:31 14 Dec 2011

I think that you should consider one salient point.

Regardless of which method you use to Store or send Photos via/on the Net. Your Upload Speed will still be about 10% of your Download Speed.

So it will still take an age to upload. The main difference being that you only need to do it the once and then email a link to it (with, of course, a Password) to allow them to access it.

  johnincrete 15:29 14 Dec 2011

Thanks everyone. I shall investigate and use Picassa. I've already got it and it's used as a quick-fix photo processor but I had not noticed web albums

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