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  aitch2 18:14 02 Dec 2007

I need to send an email with about 12-15 photos but am wondering what is the best way to do it. I've sent the odd photo as an email attachment and I don't want to use an uploader to say, photobucket, but am aware I need to reduce their size. Shoul I try to put them in an attached folder? Anyone able to offer method and suggestions?

  FungusBoggieman 18:21 02 Dec 2007

you could try
highlight all photos then right click scroll down to send to then click mail recipient.
it will then give you the option to make smaller or send original size
if you have BB it wont take to long

  FungusBoggieman 18:30 02 Dec 2007

just sent 10 images to my other email addy
at size 3240x2175 took about 2 minutes to send less than 1 to get then into outlook these pics are pretty big

  alB 18:42 02 Dec 2007

Have a look at Picasa, click here

  mfletch 18:43 02 Dec 2007

Hi Aitch, If you have difficulty in sending the photo;s have a look here,

YouSendit click here


  aitch2 18:47 02 Dec 2007

Thanks for the advice. I have BB so I'll give them a try,

  johnnyrocker 18:50 02 Dec 2007

or resize using click here


  Pineman100 19:07 02 Dec 2007

click here for a useful little bit of free software. It will automatically compress photos to your choice of file size whenever you want to attach them to emails.

Just bear in mind that the more you compress the photos, the less satisfactory they will be for th erecipient to print out. But if they're just for screen viewing you can afford to compress them considerably.

  Technotiger 19:08 02 Dec 2007

The way I do it is with Incredimail, which my partner also uses. She has sent me Complete folders of photographs, some containing up to 100 photographs. It is quick and easy ...

Create a sub-folder in My Pictures, give it a name, put the pictures into your folder. Next right-click on folder and then go to Send to... Compressed (Zipped) folder, with a left-click.
Your new folder complete with all the photos, will then appear at the bottom of your My Pictures.

Create your email and then add the compressed (zipped) folder as an Attachment ... the rest is history, as they say!

I have never used Outlook or Outlook Express, but perhaps the above works the same as Incredimail.

  Technotiger 19:09 02 Dec 2007

PS - no need to re-size or do anything else other than what I have said above.

  aitch2 20:00 02 Dec 2007

Thanks to all. Enough suggestions for me to achieve what I want, so I should be busy for the next few hours as I collate them.

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