sending photo with email

  Eamonncw 09:21 15 Aug 2004

My OS is xp pro. I recently sent a photo with an email as a experiment. I`d never sent one before. Unfortunately it was too big, so much so that the recipient threatened to plaster it on the back of a bus. How do I send one small enough for him to enlarge to his requirements? Non technical and easy answer please, I`m new to this game

  Devil Monkey 09:24 15 Aug 2004

Get irfanview from

Open the image with it.

Go to file, save as

choose jpeg

then you can save it on low quality which will be fine for emailing.

  golfpro 09:34 15 Aug 2004

What email program are you using? Outlook Express will automatically resize the photo for email sending. I use XP home and this also warns you if the image is too large. But you can resize the image and make any changes cut/crop etc. yourself in Irfanview, its free to download go to: click here

  Stuartli 09:39 15 Aug 2004

If you right click on your photo file, select Send To and then Mail Recipient, it will be attached to an e-mail as a .jpeg. This will be a far smaller file.

Or apart from the superb Irfanview, individual or batch photo files can be reduced to any required size in a variety of formats with PIXresizer (freeware) from click here

Simple, quick and very effective.

  son-of-a-gun 10:25 15 Aug 2004

I would guess the file went out in a windows bit map format, these are huge in both file size taking a long time to send or receive vie e:mail,this is a good way to lose friends that are on pay as you go narrow band.

And also would require a billboard if you printed them, they come out on multi page's a bit like a jig saw to put them back together.

If you have MS photo editor, this is FOC in MS office, although it may not load by default, you can open the bitmap in Paint, then save as a Jpeg

  Graham ® 11:07 15 Aug 2004

Experiment by sending to yourself.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:09 15 Aug 2004

bets and easiest free programme that will reduce your photos to 40kb and they will still be excellent for here


  Stuartli 15:08 15 Aug 2004

...using XP and if you wish to make files even smaller than Mail Recipient versions (cut and paste to save typing):

Open My Pictures, and then open the folder containing the photo you want to send in e-mail.
Click the photo you want to send.

Under File and Folder Tasks, click E-mail this file.

In the Send Pictures via E-mail dialog box, click Make all my pictures smaller.

Windows makes a smaller photo file and attaches it to an e-mail message that displays a default subject and text message.

In the To box, type the e-mail address of the person to receive the picture, change the subject and message text if you want and then click Send.

To open My Pictures, double-click the My Documents icon on your desktop and then double-click the My Pictures folder.

Use this procedure for photos of file size greater than 64 kilobytes (KB). To check the file size of your photo, right-click the file, click Properties and look at Size.

To send the photo without reducing the size of the file, click Keep the original sizes.

To change the settings for the size of the image, click Show more options.

  CHAIRLEG 16:50 15 Aug 2004

Saved for future ref.

  Eamonncw 22:16 16 Aug 2004

To all who replied my total thanks. I sent an email to myself and it worked. Total Respect Lads. Eamonn

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