Sending a PC through a courier service ? UK

  rallosdrake 15:39 25 Jul 2014

Ask the title says I need to send my PC home through a courier service from London, dose anyone have any experience with this ? Currently looking at DHL as the will pick it up for me and take it straight to my door at home.

Also need advice on boxes, will cardboard boxes from a supermarket be enough or will they be to flimsy and break.

Will be sending a small (ish) tower, 23 inch monitor and small speakers.

Thank you in advance

  rallosdrake 15:49 25 Jul 2014

Yeah I defiantly will be putting lots of bubble wrap in, where do you buy good boxes from, I have no time to wait for them to be delivered would the best bet just be the post office ?

Also should I consider taking out the most expensive components such as my GPU ?

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:54 25 Jul 2014

"Also should I consider taking out the most expensive components such as my GPU ?"

I would be inclined to take the graphics card out and pack it separately. If the PC has a large CPU cooler I would remove that too and also pack it separately.

  rallosdrake 16:05 25 Jul 2014

Thanks, I was thinking I should do that as I dont want it bending about in transit. May carry that with me in my personal bag and send the rest with a courier.

  Menzie 16:41 25 Jul 2014

Great advice in this thread! Wish I had such advice when I shipped my PC, I had some bubble wrap but unfortunately the box was not strong enough.

When my PC arrived it was in pieces, thankfully only one of 5 HDDs required replacing as well as my tower.

So as said, wrap it up well, remove some components and take it with you. Also make sure the box is rated to handle the weight of a PC and use strong tape.

  spuds 17:09 25 Jul 2014

For strong free boxes, I normally head for the local shops or supermarket, who usually have supplies.

Another suggestion, is to take photographs as you pack, in case any insurance claim is made. And make a list of items being sent, including a noticeable serial numbers.

Not sure now,who the courier was, either DHL or UPS, but I once sent a Kodak camera for repair, which was collected from my home here in the UK and delivered to a Kodak repair depot address in Belgium a day later. The courier company driver did all the packing and paperwork.

  alanrwood 19:09 25 Jul 2014

I have used DPD, Interparcel and Parcelflight in the past without any problems but the previous posters have given good advice about packaging etc.

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