Sending Multiple Emails

  dogbreath1 12:34 08 Jun 2011


I want to send an email to multiple recipients (250) sequentially, so that each email contains only the recipient's email addie.

I have a list of intended recipients saved to an Excel (xlsx) file in column 1 with their respective email addresses saved in column 2.

Can I use an email client (Windows Live Mail) to utilise the data in the Excel file to achieve what I need? What alternatives are available??

  Peter 14:55 08 Jun 2011


I assume you mean that what you want is that each recipient will not be able to see any other recipient's email addresses.

If you put the list of recipients email addresses into the BCC box and your email address into the to box, all the recipients will see your email address, their email address, but no-one else's email address. There may be a limit to the number of email addresses that you can put into the BCC box, but you can probably send groups of 10 or maybe 20.

I think you may break one or more of your ISPs rules on sending SPAM if you try sending an email to as many as 250 recipients at one go.


  dogbreath1 17:40 08 Jun 2011

Sound advice. Thanks.

I'll check out BCC limitations and my ISP's spam policy. Cheers.

  Taff™ 22:30 08 Jun 2011

You can merge to e-mail but only if you have Outlook installed as an Office component.This allows you ro personalise each e-mail to the recipient. In any event when I do this I only send 30 at a time every few minutes.

By saving your Excel file as a CSV (comma Separated Values) and then importing it to an address book you can quite easily set up distribution lists for blocks of 30 recipients. Then set up one e-mail, copy it the necessary number of times (To a Draft Folder) and send it to yourself and BCC each group in turn. This works well if you also have an attachment to send them. I`ve never managed that merging to Outlook!

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