sending multiple e-mails that are all individual in outlook

  paul.agus3 15:24 04 Oct 2013

Please can someone help

We are running Windows 7 pro, with outlook 2013.

Just recently we have made the decision to email payslips to individuals. Is it possible to send them all at once? we are talking emailing to about 500 employees ( we are a recruitment agency )

Thanks for your time

  spuds 17:33 04 Oct 2013

It can be done, but I would suggest that you seek professional help in setting this up.

About a year or more ago, my local hospital trust got themselve's into a little bit of bother, due to some recipients getting other peoples payslips. And we are talking about a very large organisation, with thousand's of employees. So air to caution would be my advice!.

  john bunyan 19:25 04 Oct 2013

I have not used it but have a look at mail merge: Mail merge

  Woolwell 22:36 04 Oct 2013

I think that I would be worried about data protection. You may need a bulk email program.

  paul.agus3 10:32 07 Oct 2013

Th emails are generated using sage 50 so data protection etc are covered

  Woolwell 10:43 07 Oct 2013

I'm now confused by what you mean by "all at once". Each person has an individual pay slip and email address. Surely you just send sequentially a few seconds apart.

  paul.agus3 10:59 07 Oct 2013

i dont want to be pressing send over 500 times. i want to press send and all the emails are sent to the individuals

  Woolwell 11:26 07 Oct 2013

I think that you may need to join a Sage forum.

  spuds 12:07 07 Oct 2013

The way I understand your question, is that you want to send out 500 email payslips at one touch of a button, and understandably so. But each of the 500 email payslips would surely be individual to each of your clients?.

When a major establishment with IT expert's can make a serious mistake, with legal consequences possibly attached, then all considerations need to be investigated.

I also would suggest that you join a Sage forum or contact Sage for support on their package.

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