Sending many emails at once

  exdragon 15:16 15 Aug 2009

Hi - does anyone know of any method we can use to send lots of individually email merged messages at once?

'Lots' as in around 1000 - not spam, we run an international photographic competition and there are time constraints we have to stick to when notifying everyone of their results when the competition is over.

Additionally, prior to this, we contact around 3000 people, inviting them to enter and then follow this up by a couple of reminders - all over roughly a 5 month period.

Our club has a website hosted by Click-it, and we use the email address set up there (it's a address) to send emails via Outlook and our ISP, o2. The first year we did this, there was no problem, but o2 now have a cap of no more than 25 emails sent at one time, or 15 within 15 minutes. Click-it say we can't use a static address.

We don't really want to stop the website set up as it works superbly - entrants fill in the entry form online, pay by paypal and it runs like clockwork.

Does anyone know of any other way around this? I think I'm getting bogged down with it all! We've got til about February to get it sorted.

  OTT_Buzzard 15:31 15 Aug 2009

Check with your webhosting company -many have facilities for amiling lists to go direct from their servers, bypassing O2's involvement.

I don't know CLick-it, but certianly the last 3 hosting companies i've used have offered the facility.

  exdragon 15:38 15 Aug 2009

I tried that one, thanks, but they said the volume we would be sending would crash the server! Whether that means it's only small, relatively speaking, I don't really know and I'm not sure how to find out - I did explain the them exactly what our problem was, but no joy, I'm afraid.

  Taff™ 15:40 15 Aug 2009

I concur with that but worth actually talking to O2 about the problem. They might not have this restriction on a business broadband package but they`ll charge you extra for that I suppose. There`s probably a way they can remove the e-mail monitoring from your account.

  exdragon 15:44 15 Aug 2009

Tried that too! At great length over the phone and I've also emailed them. They said the Pro package would be £17.13 a month, which would be ok, but there's still the same cap on the number you can send.

I had their reply this morning and have since asked exactly what I would get for that money. I don't mind paying if we can get what we want.

When I spoke to them earlier, they suggested a static address, but they said it wouldn't work as we need to use it with the name we already have.

  OTT_Buzzard 16:28 15 Aug 2009

No tquite sure what you meant in your last paragraph, exdragon?

You could always try creating several smaller mailing lists and send out over a couple of days from your webhosting mail servers.

  exdragon 17:15 15 Aug 2009

OTT_Buzzard - that was going to be the decision if we couldn't come up with anything else.

Pamy - we have to send out the results within a specified time. It's a requirement of the governing bodies under which we operate.

  exdragon 22:06 15 Aug 2009

Marg7 - thanks, that looks interesting. I'll get someone to look into it.

I'll leave this open in case anyone else has any bright ideas.

  exdragon 21:14 16 Aug 2009

It looks as if this may work - I've done a small trial and will give the free version a go before deciding.

Thank you!

  exdragon 14:34 01 Sep 2009

Tried it, signed up for a paid version and used it - exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

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