Sending large emails

  tAtu*! 18:48 25 May 2006


I am trying to send some photes to some relatives. I have compressed the file and try sending it to no avail!

The file is 41.05M and I am sending it though outlook express?

Any one please help?? These photo's are required urgently.



  Jackcoms 18:51 25 May 2006

I assume you mean 41.05Mb which is a pretty hefty file.

Dial-up or BB connection?

  tAtu*! 18:56 25 May 2006

Sorry, yes, 41.05MB.

I am currently on BB (BT 2 meg)


  ed-0 19:00 25 May 2006

Try click here for upto 100Mb.

Just paste the link you get from yousendit or use the recipents email address.

  octal 19:00 25 May 2006

You could send it via a third party site like this one click here

What happens is your file gets uploaded to this site and the recipients gets an email to download the file at their end.

  octal 19:00 25 May 2006


  Jackcoms 19:02 25 May 2006

Is there any indication at all that the file is being sent or is it simply'stuck' in your Out Box.

Even on BB it may take a while for a file of that size to go.

What e-mail program are you using?

  ed-0 19:04 25 May 2006


I haven't used them for awhile. They used to allow you upto a gig but are down to 100Mb. Thats still very good, for free.:-)

Just tried them and still as good as ever.

  Fellsider 19:05 25 May 2006

I very much doubt that a file of that size would sucessfully go through ANY e-mail system.

  tAtu*! 19:10 25 May 2006

Thanks will give it a try!

Outlook express says there is an error due to inactivity and the connection is cut.It gets up to about 4 bars on the status line then the error appears?

  961 19:14 25 May 2006

I guess you are trying to send your photos as bitmap (.bmp) files

What you need to do is to convert them within your photoeditor to jpeg (.jpg) files and then send them. jpeg files are very much smaller

I don't think you will find any successful way of sending a 41Mb file via e-mail, quite apart from the fact that the guy on the other end will find his mail box wrecked by such a file

If you are trying to send a number of pictures, send them individually

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