Sending group message in IE6

  G&T 17:41 10 Jan 2005

Can I send the same message in IE6 to a group of people (such as those in my address book), putting all of their addresses in but when it is received only the name of the recipient shows and not all of the ""cc to"? I am sure I saw this a long time ago in PCA but cannot find it now. I know I could do it by copy and paste but this would be a lot easier.

  Gingermum 20:11 10 Jan 2005

Are you using Outlook Express? IE6 is a browser and not for email. Please be clear about what program you are using and then you might get some responses. :-)
Basically what you are doing is looking for the BCC line. How you get it depends on the program. If it's OE then start the message, click on the VIEW menu and select ALL HEADERS. Put everyone's address here. But, put yourself in the To line as some pop servers will reject emails with nothing in the To line.

  G&T 21:09 10 Jan 2005

Sorry Gingermum. You're right, I wasn't quite with it. I'm using Internet Explorer

  Jackcoms 21:36 10 Jan 2005


You're still not quite with it.

You cannot send e-mails using Internet Explorer - which, as Gingermum says, is an Internet browser.

Please decide which e-mail client you are using and post back.

  Sealer 21:46 10 Jan 2005

In Outlook expresso, click create mail, click to , then put yourself in the to box & everybody else into the Bcc box. Then send your message and nobody will get anybody elses mail address.

  G&T 21:48 10 Jan 2005

I'm not with at all!! Outlook Express and Gingermums advise did work great. Thanks

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