Sending genuine 1000 bcc e mails advice

  User-C5E22D29-826F-4700-ADE91D0A11AC4F72 12:59 13 Jul 2010

We would like to keep our customers informed of our products, they are all expecting our e mails so it’s not spam, we have around 1000 e mail addresses in excel that we would like to put in outlook using bcc, problem we have is that when we did so e mail did not go to our clients. Is there any way of sending 1000 e mails in a genuine way using outlook bcc?

  lotvic 13:08 13 Jul 2010

Outlook is capable of sending as many mails as you want, but your SMTP server will have a limit. You need to find out your ISP's/servers limit.

Yes, but no good as if we need to send 1000 e mails , it will take us hours to do so + if its BCC limit is even less of numbers we can sent...

  wiz-king 14:51 13 Jul 2010

Thirty is the usual limit for a non-business account. You would have to speak with your e-mail provider and ask them.

  lotvic 15:38 13 Jul 2010

I think you need some sort of an email marketing Outlook add-on click here

this will not work, as this is just templates, it dos not resolve bulk e mail issue

  Chris_Byers 15:48 13 Jul 2010

Try creating a Contact Group in Outlook and add those uses to it. Then all you have to do is email the group, not the individuals. Again, as had been said, watch out for ISP imposed limits on how many people you can email at once as you may get flagged as a spammer.
There is also some good advice and workarounds by Microsoft here: click here

  Chris the Ancient 16:32 13 Jul 2010

wiz-king is correct!

Talk to your ISP.

problem is that we share office with several companies so they have already out to max numbers of e mails that can be sent out at one time, so no help there

  jack 10:27 14 Jul 2010

check with your ISP the max per sending
Then batch send them over a period of days
Advice mail of this sort is not imperative to send
and a timed basis.
So having assertain the max per transmission - break the list into groups - a,b,c etch -east to do in Excel thend sent on a one group per day basis.

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