Sending Fax by computer.

  westgolf 10:34 14 Dec 2011

I want to send some faxes via computer. Can anyone please suggest a free software programme that is simple to use.

  Woolwell 11:06 14 Dec 2011

Is the computer connected to the phone line (not broadband but modem) as well? Otherwise you will require to send fax via broadband.

  westgolf 11:14 14 Dec 2011

Hi there, PC is connected by ethernet cable to modem.Tiscali ISP.

  Woolwell 11:20 14 Dec 2011

Therefore you will need to send via broadband and will need a provider for this. A google search will bring up ways to do it. I haven't done it personally so cannot recommend one.

An alternative is to scan the fax document and send it as an e-mail attachment.

  mgmcc 09:49 15 Dec 2011

If you want to send and receive faxes regularly, the PC needs a dialup "faxmodem" of the type widely used before broadband. These are available as USB devices and your version of Windows may already have fax capability built in.

Fax cannot be sent directly with a broadband modem because it runs as a dialled phone call from one fax machine (or PC emulating a fax machine) to another, not via the internet.

If you do need to send via the internet, you need to use a web-based service that will accept your fax message and then send it to a conventional fax machine.

  mgmcc 09:55 15 Dec 2011

There are also Email to Fax services, but these are generally either paid-for or free with an advertising cover sheet.

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