Sending a fax on cable

  Rogerfredo 08:09 13 Oct 2003

I am sure that my old telephone modem came with fax software enabling me to send a fax message.
Now that I have an NTL cable modem connection, however, I can find no reference to sending faxes.
Is there any software available (preferably free) that will enable me to send an occasional fax?

  [DELETED] 08:15 13 Oct 2003

You cannot send faxes via Broadband only via your modem.. Don't know of any free fax software but windows has its own fax sending foftware... What version of windows are you running..

  Rogerfredo 08:23 13 Oct 2003

Thanks for the response. I have Windows ME.
I know of the sites which sell a faxing service, but I only need a very occasional one, (say one fax per year).

  [DELETED] 08:38 13 Oct 2003

You can't send a fax on cable, except via an "email-to-fax" service. Fax is a dial-up telephone line only.

If you have kept your old dial-up analogue modem you can still use this, as you did before, to send a fax.

  [DELETED] 09:00 13 Oct 2003

As DieSse says, use the old 56k modem and your previous software, if you still have it. A free software fax programme is obtainable here:

click here

Atlternatively, you can send a fax via the web from here

click here

You can send a fax via the web from here:

  Rogerfredo 15:11 13 Oct 2003

Thanks for all replies.
I have a modem in my laptop, which I will use on the odd occasion I need a Fax.

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