sending excel sheet by email

  mags100 11:36 20 May 2004

How can I send just one sheet from a workbook of several sheets by email ? I am sure it can be done (as I have received a view of just specific cells before).
This is for invoicing, where I have linked sheets showing similar date (for proforma and final invoice so they need to work together but not be sent together) I don't want to send the whole workbook/
(These templates in turn will link to other workbooks)

  Shas 11:46 20 May 2004

Save the specific sheet you want to send as another, different, workbook.

  SANTOS7 11:51 20 May 2004

click here might find some useful info here, good luck

  mags100 11:58 20 May 2004

thanks, but that just creates extra work and more files on my PC. (an extra file for the initial proforma and an extra file for the final invoice)

Also I want to send just an area of cells,(one printable page) not the whole sheet of thousands of columns and rows

  Shas 12:05 20 May 2004

Granted it's a little extra work doing the copy procedure, but the file space on your computer shouldn't be a problem because once you have sent the individual sheet as an email attachment, you can always delete it because it was only a copy from the original workbook. Your original workbook will not be altered in any way.

  mags100 12:54 20 May 2004

also, it copies the whole workbook into a new file (not just the active sheet),

and of course the page formatting is missing (although I can set up a new master layout to use for this)

and because it comes from a template with automatice data tracking it may add into the final datasheet aswell as the original

  mags100 12:57 20 May 2004

also, it copies the whole workbook into a new file (not just the active sheet), so I am still sending both sheets)

and of course the page formatting/print area/margins etc are missing (although I can set up a new master layout to use for this to copy into)

and because it comes from a template with automatic data tracking it may add into the final datasheet aswell as the original when I resave it as another file.

  Shas 13:05 20 May 2004

Forgive me if I'm misleading you, but I have done this many times, (using Excel 97)

If your workbook sheets are grouped, ungroup them; right-click the tab of the individual sheet you want to send; make sure the 'move or copy' check box is ticked; in the 'To Book' box, select 'New Book'; click on OK or Save and that individual worksheet should be saved as, probably, Book 2. You can then rename it and email it on its own as you would any other file.

The only thing I'm not sure of is the automatic data tracking bit, but can't you turn that off?

  brambles 13:06 20 May 2004

Select the cells you want to incorporate in the message i.e click the sqare button that selects all. Copy & then paste into the message portion of an email.

The recipient could do the same by selecting all of your message box & pasting it into an Excel worksheet but it will only paste Values & not formulas.


  mags100 09:36 27 May 2004

to Shas - that's a new trick to try out then, never used that facility before on the right mouse button. Excel can do loads of stuff, it is finding out what that is the trick. Still doesn't actually answer my problem, on sending just a specific area of a page but never mind, most people don't anyway. And I have given up on the grouping pages in a workbook bit aswell.
To Brambles - I tried that and it just comes out a mess, not at alll professional. You can't send invoices that are hard to read, so pperhaps I missed what you meant !

  Shas 10:20 27 May 2004

Hi mags100.
You have me intrigued now! You say you have a master layout, so why can't you, (partly as Brambles suggests), select the particular cells you want to use and copy them to your master? Depending on just what you want the recipient to be able to do with it, if you use paste special you can select whether to paste the formulae or the resulting values only.

I have a self constructed set of workbook masters consisting of 7 worksheets which start at order acknowledgement, through workshop copies, despatch and consignment copies to customer invoice and file copy invoice and I have fiddled about doing just what I think you are trying to do and it works ok, so I guess I'm not understanding you after all. I'm no expert but if I can help you at all, I'm happy to try again.

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