Sending emails with Windows Live Mail whilst abroad

  Farleyjim 10:49 02 Nov 2013

When I am abroad with my notebook(HP,Windows 7 Home Premium) I can receive all my emails with Windows Live Mail but to send an email I have to log into my server(Virgin). Do I have to reset the SMTP?

  spuds 11:13 02 Nov 2013

I am unable to provide an answer to your question. But I would suggest that you do not use an email address on an open forum, due to possible spamming problems.

  chub_tor 12:54 02 Nov 2013

Why don't you log in to your account on the Virgin Media home page and then use the Virgin Webmail, unless you have Live Mail set to remove all your messages from the server after you have read them then all your messages will be there, you can read them, reply or write new ones.

  Woolwell 13:16 02 Nov 2013

When away from home you will almost certainly have to use a different smtp. It is much easier just to use webmail whilst away.

  Ventad 20:40 02 Nov 2013

I always use my live mail (hotmail account ) where ever I am, never have problems sending or receiving, I just open the web page, click on outlook in the top right hand corner and sign in to my account, my read mail is always there and I do not down load it to my computer. Same as my accounts in pipex and talktalk just go to the home page and sign in just the same.

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