Sending emails to AOL address

  490 16:01 21 Feb 2003

I have been helping a nieghbour to set up her new Computer and we have suscribed her to Tiscali "Pay as you Go". She has been trying to email her friend with an AOL account and keeps getting a rejection Her friend says that she receive mail from other users so it must be Tiscali's problem. I have now used my own Virgin account from my own computer to her friend address and I too get a rejection.
I have sent a copy of the rejection mail to Virgin support who came back with a comment that the recipient has most likely got a block set up.
We seem to have got ourselves in a "Not me Boss" situation and my neighbour being new to the game is most frustrated.
Are there any AOL users who can advise me further.

  stlucia 16:22 21 Feb 2003

AOL allows the user to block mail by several criteria, such as domain name, specific address, etc. It also includes the option to block anything that's not from an AOL source.

I'm not at my own PC at the moment so I can't check it out, but it must be under User Settings, or something like that.

  Djohn 16:36 21 Feb 2003

AOL/settings/preferences/privacy, and adjust from there. J

  colberly 16:40 21 Feb 2003

The only thing that I can think of is that somehow the address has been either blocked or the AOL user has blocked all mail other than AOL. The settings are under e mail top left of screen and then email controls and follow the links to set up. From here all mail other than AOL can be blocked.

  Djohn 16:42 21 Feb 2003

PS. make sure the e-mail address is correct, First letter of name should be in uppercase, and the rest in lower case, IE: Jpublic @ aol com

With the spaces removed and a period mark between, aol and com. J.

  he he :-) 16:49 21 Feb 2003

She might have blocked email from the internet and only accepting it from AOL email addresses.

  logoff 17:44 21 Feb 2003

There is good information on AOL and e-mail problems generally on this site

click here

  graham 17:54 21 Feb 2003

Sh, don't tell anyone, I'm on AOL. Send the friends Email using envelope on left and I'll send an Email.

Djohn, sorry, mate, you're wrong about upper case for the first letter.

  Djohn 18:06 21 Feb 2003

graham, You are correct, I checked again and it says "Always enter first letter in uppercase, But we will alter it for you automatically anyway"

Does seem a bit daft doesn't it! J.

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