Sending E:Mail via a T-Mobile dongle ...

  Heefie 19:28 09 Oct 2013

Has anybody ever managed this ? If so, how ? What settings do I need ?!?

I am using Outlook 2007 on WinXP. I have never had a problem whilst on a LAN but I only currently have access to a Dongle & I can do everything except send E:Mails ... I have a Gmail account and I can send just fine via their online site, it is only within Outlook (and PostBox & Thunderbird) that I cannot send E:Mails.

I have been told by a Customer Service Representative that I need to change the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) to and there is nothing else that needs changing, but I cannot get Outlook to send, no matter what I do and I have tried Port setting after Pot Setting with different encryption settings ... I am currently on the edge of insanity !!!

In Internet E-mail settings under the "Outgoing Server" tab, do I choose "Same Settings" or do I "Log on Using" ... what ? What User name and password would that be ?!? And if so, does it require SPA ? What settings should I use in the Advanced Tab, what Port, what encryption ?!?

Why does it have to be so difficult, what are they trying to hide ?!?!?

Somebody please help me !!!!!!!!

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