Sending email problem

  BLUELEN 20:20 15 Dec 2003

I have just changed from dial-up on old computer to broadband on new one, but am unable to send email. My ISP is still Freeserve and my email address has remained the same.Iam receiving emails ok.
My settings are incoming-- pop.freeserve .co and for outgoing smtp.freeserve .com
Any clues to what I need to do starting sending aagain.
Thanks Bluelen

  recap 20:28 15 Dec 2003

Your POP settings should have the same address as your SMTP settings i.e. or

Also check that you con't have to plug your phone in to keep your account active as you have gone over to broadband.

  beeuuem 20:59 15 Dec 2003

What is the error message that you get when you try to send mail?
Is your connection setting set to the broadband connection in OE >Tools > Accounts > Properties >connection?

  kesser 21:09 15 Dec 2003

Are you using freeserve as your Broadband supplier? If you are using a different ISP you won't be able to send using freeserve, only receive - in Outlook or OE you will need to click on the little arrow next to send and scroll down to the isp that you use for dial up (BB) If not, try removing the account and then re-entering the settings - they can get corrupted and stop you sending mail

  jolorna 22:10 15 Dec 2003

i had the same problem when i changed from freeserve hometime to bt broadband now i use a program called postcast server its a free download you will need to register what it does is uses your computer as the smtp when you set the program up you enter your freeserve details into it the only slight setback to it is that you have to save a copy of your emails you send to a folder on your comp but at least you can send large emails at bb speed do a google search and you will find it

  Diodorus Siculus 22:14 15 Dec 2003

Set up your own SMTP engine locally and tell your email client that your smtp server is localhost. I use FreeSMTP from

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