Sending email to a Hotmail account recipient

  TOPCAT® 14:52 02 Dec 2006

from my ISP - Pipex broadband.

I get the mail returned immediately if I try to send it using OE6 and Pipex. Is there a way I can do this without setting up a Hotmail account myself? TIA TC.

  anskyber 14:56 02 Dec 2006

Are you happy you have the correct email address? I send email to hotmail accounts regularly.

  TOPCAT® 15:01 02 Dec 2006

I'm beginning to wonder if it is correct. May I contact you via your envelope, anskyber, as I can give his full name and the address he wrote down? You may spot something that's missing from it. TC.

  anchor 15:03 02 Dec 2006

I am on Pipex broadband, and have just sent a message to my Hotmail account; no problem. Just checked, and it has arrived.

I assume that the hotmail account you are sending to is a "real" one, and you have entered it correctly.

  anskyber 15:03 02 Dec 2006

Go ahead.

  anskyber 15:16 02 Dec 2006

I've tried that address and it timed out not finding server.

  TOPCAT® 15:21 02 Dec 2006

lapsed Hotmail account. Thanks for trying anskyber. TC.

  anskyber 15:22 02 Dec 2006

As luck would have it my send function is not working at the moment! Its OK on account test but I cannot send normal mail. I'll try again later. If it works I'll have another go at sending to your friend.

  TOPCAT® 15:26 02 Dec 2006

I await your further response then, my friend. I will be away for a couple of hours now and will check back later. TC.

  anskyber 15:29 02 Dec 2006

Email now gone after my re boot, copy sent to you, nothing back yet.

  anskyber 17:54 02 Dec 2006

Still nothing back, I assume it went OK.

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