Sending email via a different ISP

  prb 13:34 01 Apr 2004

Some of you may have seen my recent postings relating to rebuilding the computer... here's the final problem (I hope!);

I currently use 2 ISPs. The first is my main email address which I have used for years, and the second I use for favourable dial-up rates. Over the years this second one has changed periodically.

When dialled up through account 2, I am able to receive mail on account 1, send and receive on account 2, but not send on account 1. Before Complete system failure I was able to send on either account using either dial-up. (Sending from account 1 when dialed up through account 1 works).

Does anyone have any idea what the problem is? I'm using Outlook Express 6, on Win98 SE.



  JayDay 13:40 01 Apr 2004

It might be that your 1st ISP has changed it's rules and won't allow you to send email if connected to another ISP. This change may have coincided with your re-build. Check your 1st ISP's website.

Have you configured the pop and smtp servers correctly for your 1st ISP? The correct settings will be on their website.

  Eric10 14:06 01 Apr 2004

The rule is that the POP3 server for an email account is the one for the ISP that the account is setup with. The SMTP sever is always the one that you are using to connect with.

  prb 16:58 01 Apr 2004

JayDay - Yes these are set up correctly as when I dial up through ISP 1 I can send ok.

Eric10 - Are you suggesting that I should set smtp of ISP 2 as smtp of ISP 1?

  Eric10 18:57 01 Apr 2004

If you always connect to the Internet through ISP 1 then the SMTP server for ISP 2 should indeed be that of ISP 1.

  prb 15:45 02 Apr 2004

Thanks Eric10, sending now works

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