sending email & attachment that CAN'T be forwarded

  machins 20:52 06 Jan 2006

I am using Outlook Express. Is it possible to configure an email with attachment so that it CANNOT be forwarded to someone else?

  Thalmus 21:49 06 Jan 2006


why do you want to do this?

  PaulB2005 21:51 06 Jan 2006

Can't think of a way.

  DieSse 23:32 06 Jan 2006

No it's not - but you could provide some sort of protection if you were keen enough.

Put your attachment into a web page - then send an email with only a link to the web page. Protect the web page from being copied or printed. Delete the web page after a set time had elapsed (after you are pretty sure it's been read).

Whether this is useful or not depends on what you are trying to acheive.

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