sending e-mails to 700 addresses

  widdy 10:56 31 May 2014

Ok, I now have all my addresses in my yahoo address book but it will not allow me to send an email to them all at once. I could split them into 10 groups of 70 but that seems to be rather long winded. I appreciate the logic behind it to prevent Spam e-mails. This is a voluntary group set up to assist those suffering from Diabetes. I have created a group in yahoo but it seems there are drawbacks regaring those who do not have Yahoo addresses. Can anyone suggest a simple way of send an e-mail to all concerned. Thanks

  Batch 13:47 31 May 2014

I think the only realistic way is to split them up. If you had your own mail servers it would be a different matter - you could then set the rules.

  alanrwood 10:05 01 Jun 2014

AOL is particularly bad at rejecting emails of this type. I have a similar group and every time I send out the newsletter all the AOL ones are returned undelivered. I have appealed on 3 occasions but they refuse to lift the ban.

The only real solution is to use a email hosting package which will allow the sending of a large group. There is a cost however of around £75 a year for your own domain and the email service together with many other facilities ie forums, web sites etc. I use Evohosting and they allow 500 per hour. I explained that I needed more and they agreed to increase it to 5,000 without extra charge.

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