Sending E Mail Addresses

  Clonetrooper 20:38 07 May 2003

I have a group of contacts in my Outlook Express Address Book that contains a long list of e mail addresses. I want to send this list to a colleague. Is there any way of e mailing him this group list besides sending him an e mail and 'cc'ing erverybody in!!

  recap 20:44 07 May 2003

You could highlight the email addresses of the whole group copy and paste them into the email.

  Clonetrooper 20:46 07 May 2003

Doesn't work. Nor does pasting them into a word document.

  recap 20:59 07 May 2003

Clonetrooper, when you say you have a "group of contacts" do you mean that you have set up a group or are they in the main identity list?

The copy and paste option works when it is a seperate group from the main identity list.

  Clonetrooper 21:02 07 May 2003

It is a group. But all the e mails also appear in the main id list.When I try & paste in I get an error message.

  recap 21:09 07 May 2003

Here is how I do it:

First, Open a new email.

Open address book, select the group by expanding the tree in the left hand window.

Open Edit menu, select All, the email address just turn grey, click on the Name label at the top of the right hand window, all addresses turn blue.

Edit, copy.

Bring up the new email, click in the message box window, select edit and paste.

  recap 21:12 07 May 2003

Sorry forgot to mention, I also have names in the Main Identity and in some other Groups and it works with the above method.

  Clonetrooper 21:17 07 May 2003

No I get an error report.

  3Toed 22:14 07 May 2003

ok try this-In main id,highlight all names,right click and choose action then SEND mail,then cut or paste out of the 'to' line and copy to your already open email.

  slightlymad 23:32 07 May 2003

I've just tried it (OE 6, Windows XP). It worked beautifully for me - open the address book, select all contacts (Edit > Select All) in either a group or Main Identity, then right-click anywhere in the highlighted list. Select 'copy', right-click again and paste either into an e-mail or a Word document.

  Clonetrooper 23:59 07 May 2003

My OE must be corrupted as I get an error message when trying to pase in

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