Sending DVD???

  roygbiv 12:06 22 Jul 2006

Simply, I have got a DVD of a group of friends making short stories .

I need to send this via email. How???

  johnnyrocker 12:12 22 Jul 2006

how big? if under a gig click here


  roygbiv 13:10 22 Jul 2006

DVD is only 10 times 2.5 minute short films, so (roughly 25-30 mins.)

can I copy to the PC and put it in an email??(or even split it up in parts??

  silverous 18:06 22 Jul 2006

I suspect that will be too large to send in a single email. Did the DVD pass through a PC at some point (i.e. was it edited on a PC?) If so you can use the software involved to output a file.

You can also rip the video from the dvd and send. If you rip individual short films you might get away with sending. YOu could do this and check the size. Alternatively consider posting them on a website/online somewhere or you could put them on an ftp site. You could even put them in a peer-to-peer sharing software folder and share them with your friends that way!

  silverous 18:10 22 Jul 2006

Have a look here for example:

click here

This guy rips 2+ hours to a very high quality file format and it is over a gig. If you have less you would come in under that and could even use Johnyrocker's suggestion to send the files then.

There are other lower-quality options.

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